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Straight Line Architects is an innovative architecture practise based in Rewari (Haryana). The firm provides full-fledged architectural services from concept design, authority submissions, to construction administration. Besides architectural design, our design expertise also includes interior design, planning and landscape design.

For every project, we are committed to creating the best possible environment for the client, the user and the wider community. We do not simply build. We create a living and public spaces along with quality control. We work with clients to create iconic destinations that enrich people’s lives, strengthen communities, enhance nature, and deliver lasting economic value. The firm has expertise in most building types including residential, commercial, offices, hotels, cultural, educational and health institutions, as well as multi-use developments.

Our design solutions have originality & integrity and are guided by the principles of environmental sustainability. Creative use of light and space, attention to detail and the careful selection of natural materials are all characteristics of our projects. Our approach to each design is unique yet our aims are the same: to create spaces that are delightful, comfortable and sustainable. Through a process of research and experimentation, carefully chosen materials and crafted details are used to help create unique and beautiful spaces.

We are committed to providing the highest level of client services, maintaining clear and consistent communication, proactively anticipating client needs, and endeavouring to make the process of working with us as smooth and efficient as possible. We welcome client input at all stages of a project. As a firm, we are quickly and decisively responsive to our clients, flexibly adjusting our processes to suit each client and project.


Creative Ideas- Unique Approach- Modern Materials- Best Solutions



The user-friendly building design is the main objective of our firm. We welcome client input at all stages of a project. We are decisively responsive to our clients, to suit each client and project requirement.


We design buildings which are visually appealing and merge into the urban context of that area with a unique identity.


Our aim is to design buildings which are environment-friendly and consumes less energy. Also, we take human health factor into consideration by reducing waste and pollution.


Straight Line Architects

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